Do We Have a Problem?

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I might have connected the dots to the extent of Ted’s drug problem if I had this kind of information.  Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers a helpful handout to download. Look through “Signs and Symptoms Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use”.  Add the Rosecrance Signs and Symptoms and Resources for Parents where you’ll find good information on marijuana and a lot to think about. Instead of panic or rage, there’s a good pamphlet on how to talk to your teen about drugs.  More excellent information from Hazelden is “Eight Warning Signs Your Child Could be Addicted”.  For this and an extensive list addressing many of our questions, visit and download their Adolescent and Young Adult Addiction Handouts.

For those who want more evidence via Hazelden is screening tool for the drinking habits of a family member or for the person in question.  Alcoholics Anonymous offers the same service, but only for the user, his or herself, called Twelve Questions Only You Can Answer.

What, where and how?

I co-hosted parent workshops with Your Choice to Live and asked Ted to send me some info on where and how teens hide their drugs.  To my shock and awe he sent me a three page, single-spaced email answering that question. At the end he wrote, “Mom, I could go on all day.  I’m sure that’s more than you needed or wanted.  I have so many tricks of the trade and drug knowledge, I’d need fifty more pages to share it all.”

Read Ted’s answer here .