Just Keep Going: The Book

Sarah’s book was written based on ten years of journal entries chronicling the heartache of watching her son, Ted, slip away from her family and walk into the welcoming arms of what turned out to be drug and alcohol addiction.

From the Introduction:

“As mothers, we advocate for our children. We kiss boo-boos, cheer them on from the bleachers, and encourage them at the kitchen table. We celebrate their victories and console them on their failures. We defend them, brag about them to our own mothers, and occasionally deliver a school assignment forgotten on the bedroom floor.

“When their spirits leave their connection to ours to pursue a substance, person, lifestyle or seduction, we may eventually find that there is nothing we can do to fix this situation. We learn to pray.”

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Just Keep Going is an insightful and practical devotional, showing the unwavering love of a mother and her journey through the pain of a son struggling with an addiction. Sarah’s personal experience shows how you, too, can let go of regret and blame, holding onto the wisdom, strength and comfort of God’s Word.

Pam DeRosa, President and co-founder of the InFormed Foundation (eating disorder education) and nationally-known author, speaker and radio show host

This book is powerful, encouraging and inspirational. You will be deeply touched by Sarah’s determination to listen to God while going through circumstances that have devastated many families.

Sandi Lybert, co-founder of Your Choice

A powerful and beautiful story of the strength of a mother’s faith, an x for everyone, filled with hope and love.

Anne D. Meyer, past President of Nancy Reagan’s National Family Partnership and drug strategy advisor to President George H.W. Bush