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seeking help

“On average, families wait eleven years before reaching out for help and the profile of desperate enabling takes on many shapes during this time.” Jeff Jay and Debra Jay, Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention


How do you cope when your heart is being ripped out over a wayward child? As a mom of a teenage son who spiraled out of control, author Sarah Nielsen knows firsthand the unimaginable grief and heartbreak that results. Parents will find a friend in her story of strength, hope and faith.

This unique book is based on ten years of her journals chronicling the heartache of watching her son’s destructive behavior. You will find insights that will help you let go of the regret and blame, holding on instead to the wisdom, strength, and comfort of God’s word.



There is help and hope for parents of teens using drugs and alcohol.

When I was introduced to the underground world of addiction and recovery, I had no idea the assortment of resources, publications, people and programs available to those of us who love an addict – or those who are an addict. From that first Saturday I sat in a treatment center where our son was a patient, I absorbed knowledge about addiction like it was my job. Now in some ways, it is. 

For the duration of our son Ted’s recovery I have intentionally accumulated information on people, places and things about which parents are starved to know or understand. Ted generously encourages me to tell our story if it will help someone. In doing so I’ve been led to opportunities for more education and connection to those in the treatment and recovery community. Venues, programs and events I’ve discovered have broadened my repertoire of valuable people and initiatives that to me seem sadly little-known. I’d like to pass on to you some of the information I found helpful. I want you to have some of my favorite things; incredible programs that are just what you were looking for; books that tell you what you need to know; professionals who understand what you don’t; and programs you wish existed – that actually do. We’re in this together, and I’m pulling for you. — Sarah

“What lies between the covers of this book is the gut-wrenching story of a mother’s love, anchored in a faith that challenges her reality of who God is and what He promises.”

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