Treatment, and Other Options

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Compass Educational Consulting

We found out about Compass while Ted was already weeks into treatment. I called owner Dr. Judi Bessette anyway and was amazed that this resource exists.  Judi helps parents wade through the myriads of treatment options for their troubled teen.  It’s an excellent service for parents who have no idea what help is available, how to narrow down the options and navigate insurance — which is most of us. The process can be overwhelming to be sure.       Compass Consulting

Judi has extensive experience as a professional in the treatment arena and personal experience as well. Her company was born of her own frustrations in finding help for her son. There’s a fee of course, but Compass can save you quite a lot of money by finding a treatment program that is the right fit for your child.  Judi also saves time, anxiety and confusion while you’re in a place of emotional vulnerability. She is well-loved by those who know her — including me.  Not just addiction problems, Compass Consulting works with teens in depression and emotional challenges.

Read a personal note from Judi.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by treatment choices

Treatment facility choices can be overwhelming apart from the quality Midwestern big ones, Hazelden/Betty Ford Foundation, RosecranceRogers Memorial and Nova. It’s often a good idea for our loved one to get out of Dodge. Acadia Healthcare has a premier site in Tucson and other sites around the country. For personal service, pick up the phone and talk to our friend Ben Bertsch, a Treatment Placement Specialist at Acadia (763-516-1016). His drumbeat is getting people the specialized help they need at whatever treatment facility is the best fit.

Tentative or freaked out and need a filter? I would encourage you to call Judi Bessette at Compass Consulting (above) to see the broad spectrum of services available here and across the country.  She has seen over 250 of them and she knows them well. She can cater her suggestions to your insurance, budget, the child’s needs of course.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)  has a helpful “Find Treatment” locator page by address, city or zip code.

12-Step Programs (Free)

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA logo

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a treatment program, however people can and do get clean and sober here. Whether the primary or supplemental sobriety destination, plain and simple, it’s a place to go for someone who wants to stop  drinking.  There are meetings everywhere, day and night and it’s free.  The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking.

Narcotics Anonymous                        images

For those who prefer to zero in on the difference between alcohol and drug addiction, Narcotics Anonymous is based on the same 12-step principles and traditions.  It is not treatment, but it is free and a place of hope and help.