I’ve expanded my TV repertoire from all HGTV all the time, to the food network, specifically Chopped.  I like HGTV because nothing bad happens except dry rot and old plumbing. Bad things happen on Chopped, but no one gets gunned down, is tortured or has their child kidnapped in a foreign country. Anyway… so, Chopped.

tartare with lampuga fish, celery and food garnish

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A Visit to the Regret Farm

My youngest son got married last week. It was fun and beautiful and we are still riding the wave of wedding wonderfulness. We had the weather we prayed for and nearly everyone we love in one place.   barn

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If We Only Knew

I’m in the locker room at the gym today with a flatscreen tv behind me while I get ready. Nick Vujicic is a guest on the Dr. Oz show. Maybe you’ve seen him. Nick was born with no arms or legs and speaks with infectious joy.  They show a picture of him on a skateboard as a boy. He is lying on it, stomach down, head up at the camera and having a blast. I couldn’t hear the whole interview but when I drew close, he said, “Never give up. You don’t know what’s around the corner.”  Behind him was a  photo with his beautiful wife and little boy.                                    corner

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News You Can Use

Seat beltOne of Ted’s first drinking experiences was at a friend’s house. The mom was home, providing the alcohol. She decided that it was better for drinking to take place under her roof where she could supervise.  Bush and I were not consulted on this decision.  I knew and liked this mom, I called her to make sure she was home when Ted was there. We talked quite a bit but somehow the fact that she was serving liquor to my barely-high-school-age child never came up.    …

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Shared Hells

A father drives five hours to see if his son is still alive.  He’s on Heroin and off the grid. “I think I’ll go tomorrow,” the dad says.  “I’d rather deal with this in the light of day.”  He can’t wait.  He leaves in an hour.

Four days later mom has joined and together they’ve spent hours and hours trying to find detox and treatment for their son who sort of wants it.  It’s a gamble they’re willing to take even though they’ve been in this place before.  They talk to me from a hotel where their son needed to “take a break” from the negotiations and leave the room.  They are frustrated, afraid and uncertain and long to hear a treatment facility say, “Yes, we have an open bed right now — bring him over.”                            …

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