A Good Friday Conversation by Jill Briscoe

A Good Friday Conversation

A Good Friday Conversation – I knew I needed to focus on the Good Friday service, but how?

By Jill Briscoe

“Easter comes around as quickly as Christmas, Lord, or so it seems,” I murmured as I slipped into a back pew.


“I’m glad so many people come to Good Friday services. I’m glad I can be here.”Woman praying in an empty modern church artistic edit with a vig Silence.
“I’m trying to concentrate Lord, to focus on what it’s all about.”

It’s hard for you when you’re so worried about your son,” He said simply.

“Yes.” …

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“I don’t want to die from someone else’s addiction.”

Some of us have grown up in a context of alcoholism where things were a tiny bit crazy — or a lot.  Some of us have married an alcoholic or raised one. At any rate, we love an addict or are under their jurisdiction in one form or another, and it affects us. We can shrivel up and die from the affects of someone else’s addiction literally or figuratively. It can suck the life right out of us if we let it. Thank God, there’s a solution for us too.  It doesn’t have to be that way.isolation

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Thanksgiving Power – New Year’s Style

When Ted got into treatment I was nothing but grateful for five years straight. It was as though my prayer life simplified by 1000.  “God,” I would say all the day long, “Two words — Thank You.” In a way I lied because I would often say the two words about 12 times in a row which would be 24 words.    heart around sun

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Beer Babies and Mommy Juice

Dallas Willard writes in The Divine Conspiracy, that our actions convey what we believe. Getting people to change actions without changing their beliefs is pretty darn futile. One of my wants is that young and middle-age parents let go of the infatuation with alcohol. Why? Because it can create an infatuation with alcohol in their children. Let me try to change beliefs about this.      Girl drinking beer

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Pot Poop for Parents and People

“Thank goodness he’s only smoking marijuana.” I hear parents say this and I get it. They are grateful that their kid isn’t driving drunk, popping pills, shooting or sniffing — as far as they know. There are lots of things to be grateful for in this world, but marijuana use isn’t one of them.         marijuana smoker                        …

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