Action Figures

Spread awareness, lessen the stigma, educate yourself. I don’t know about you, but so often I want to stand up and shout, “Yes, but what can we DOOOOOOOO?!”  I’m a happy girl this morning because I just read more about how these two folks are on the move.   They are my super-hero action figures.…

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In Our Bones, Brains and Belly

Those of us who have children in addiction feel it in our bones. No, we really do. A shoulder aches out of nowhere. Skin rashes happen. We sleep a lot from emotional exhaustion and for escape. In our son’s latter years of using, I had a surgery, two unrelated E.R. visits, joint pain and more. My husband had a surgery and other procedures. Our son’s been in long-term recovery for seven years and we’ve thus been as they say, healthy as horses. Call it coincidence, I’m just saying.  Fog for website
For decades, neuroscientists have been aware that a specific brain circuit is involved in registering physical pain. Whether you get pricked with a needle or sprain your ankle, many of the same neural circuits come alive to process the pain: the insula, the cingulate cortex and the somatosensory cortex. Scientists have discovered that
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Reclaim Your Parenting – Guest Blog!

Emoticons of a thumbs up, clapping hands,  thumb and forefinger circle to Barbara Krovitz-Neren, MA* for her generous contribution of this guest blog. Parents express their own emotion anticipating a child coming out of treatment and that would be terror. How do we act? What do we do and not do, say and not say, change and not change? Barbara’s work is SO needed because our parenting took a boatload of hits and got concussed. Oh for someone to help us get back on track.         Lost and Found 

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Pot Poop for Parents and People

“Thank goodness he’s only smoking marijuana.” I hear parents say this and I get it. They are grateful that their kid isn’t driving drunk, popping pills, shooting or sniffing — as far as they know. There are lots of things to be grateful for in this world, but marijuana use isn’t one of them.         marijuana smoker                        …

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Your Wait Time is…

You know those old Turner movies that show time advancing by the fast-flipping pages of a day calendar? No parent of a struggling child sees time that way – ever. You won’t hear them say, “I can hardly believe a month has flown by since we last heard from her!” You’ll hear, “No communication since July 26th. It’s been 29 days.”     Kalendar-prazan 002

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