Laundry Lapse and Relapse

I bought a summer shirt at TJ Maxx. Risky move because half of the stripes are white and me wearing white is like drip painter Jackson Pollock with a blank canvas. I took the tags off and wore it for an hour in which a splatter found the front. I washed it according to the instructions which I’ve just recently decided would be a good life change. The spot came out. Then I threw it in the dryer with wet black stuff.

beautiful woman housewife showing a dirty shirt  on white

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On Weedyness

When you write, you look for any excuse not to write and when you finally sit down to write, you think you need lots of long breaks. On procrastination runs and breaks I pull weeds.  Consequently, I am better at weed-pulling than writing.

God refuses to let me get away with slacking off. “Sarah,” He seems to ask me as I yank the dandelions and thistle, “don’t you think weed-pulling is a lot like having a child on drugs?”

Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, plant a section showing root structure leaves,flower and bud in soil against a white background

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A Letter to Mom and Dad: A guest blog from a guest blog.

Hi Everyone,

I just saw this on a link a friend sent to me.  I was intriqued by the site Our Young Addicts and saw this guest blog. It’s worth reading.  — Sarah

Guest Blog – A Letter to Mom & Dad – 11 Years into Recovery

This week’s guest blogger is a young man, eleven years into recovery, who shares some truths and encouragement for parents seeking to understand a child’s addiction. Midwestern Mama is touched by his heartfelt words, and he tells me that he plans to share this post with his own parents in hopes that it brings further clarity and healing for their family – I know it will.

As a former young addict and now a slightly older recovering addict, I don’t have anything original to contribute other than my own experience. My story isn’t remarkable except for the fact that an absolute miracle

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I’ve expanded my TV repertoire from all HGTV all the time, to the food network, specifically Chopped.  I like HGTV because nothing bad happens except dry rot and old plumbing. Bad things happen on Chopped, but no one gets gunned down, is tortured or has their child kidnapped in a foreign country. Anyway… so, Chopped.

tartare with lampuga fish, celery and food garnish

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A Visit to the Regret Farm

My youngest son got married last week. It was fun and beautiful and we are still riding the wave of wedding wonderfulness. We had the weather we prayed for and nearly everyone we love in one place.   barn

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