The Power of Siblings

One of my favorite photographs from the two zillion shots at our son’s recent wedding is our daughter-in-law linking arms with all her bridesmaids, running toward Lake Michigan. What I love about it is how the photographer behind them caught Sara and her sister turning their heads and looking joyously at each other. Everyone else is facing the water straight ahead.  When we’re having a moment, we look at our sister, at our brother. There’s something about a sibling.    swings

The times my mother was being the mom in our crazy mother-daughter complexities,  I found solace in my brother who understood the players. In her old age, my brother and I talked a lot and often visited her together. We could agonize next to each other or crack jokes that were necessary for mental health purposes. We were and are a team.…

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Top Five Ways to Sabotage Your Loved One’s Recovery

Guest blog time again. Read to the end. Such good stuff.

Let’s count down on the top ways you can sabotage a loved one’s recovery, starting with:


  • “Well, he’ll never get a decent job with that on his record.”
  • “She might as well go on being addicted, nobody decent will ever want her anyway.”
  • “Once a drunk, always a drunk.”

Sound harsh? I’ve heard all this and worse from well-meaning family members and friends who do not recognize the possibility of long-term recovery, or are just afraid to hope anymore.


Because obviously your loved one is not capable. So you

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Miracle Balloons

In her book, Carry On, Warrior, Glennon Doyle Melton writes, “When your miracle doesn’t happen the way you planned, it becomes important to look for peripheral miracles. Peripheral miracles are those that aren’t directly in front of you. They’re not the one on which you’ve been so damned focused. You have to turn your head to see peripheral miracles.”

I held a self-pity fiesta the other night and invited my husband, Bush. Read this with a tearful, pathetic voice, Me -“I feel disappointed that God hasn’t….” whatever. My actual fill-in-the-blank doesn’t matter, you’ve been there. hot air balloons 2

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Laundry Lapse and Relapse

I bought a summer shirt at TJ Maxx. Risky move because half of the stripes are white and me wearing white is like drip painter Jackson Pollock with a blank canvas. I took the tags off and wore it for an hour in which a splatter found the front. I washed it according to the instructions which I’ve just recently decided would be a good life change. The spot came out. Then I threw it in the dryer with wet black stuff.

beautiful woman housewife showing a dirty shirt  on white

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On Weedyness

When you write, you look for any excuse not to write and when you finally sit down to write, you think you need lots of long breaks. On procrastination runs and breaks I pull weeds.  Consequently, I am better at weed-pulling than writing.

God refuses to let me get away with slacking off. “Sarah,” He seems to ask me as I yank the dandelions and thistle, “don’t you think weed-pulling is a lot like having a child on drugs?”

Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, plant a section showing root structure leaves,flower and bud in soil against a white background

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