Additional Perspectives

Information is helpful… but it’s another thing all together to hear the experiences of those who have been — or currently are — in the battlefield of an addiction with a loved one. In this section I’ve gathered some heartfelt conversations, helpful perspectives and recovery stories. Do you have others you’d recommend? Email me and let me know about them! — Sarah


Bill Arnold and George Fraser of Real Recovery

Real Recovery

Maybe you’ve heard of Bill Arnold.  He is the co-writer and co-star of the nationally acclaimed show, “Triple Espresso… a highly caffeinated comedy!” Bill teams up in Minneapolis with George Fraser, the program director for the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and together they do a weekly radio show called Real Recovery on Faith Radio. They’re funny and tender with a lot to offer the listener about the spiritual solution. It broadcasts all kinds of stories of all kinds of journeys into recovery.  I tell mine here.

Hear Sarah’s radio interview


Ted and Sarah Nielsen

Addiction and  Restoration

Ted and I did a breakout session called “Addiction and Restoration” at a 2012 conference at Elmbrook Church. Mike Murphy and the audience ask us follow-up questions. Our friend Carol Jeffries shared some information about her job with Spiritual Care at the Rogers Memorial Hospital treatment center. Ted honestly shares what we did right and wrong as parents, as well as insight on his drug-using days.

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